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Privacy Policy

Lets go over some privacy and how we handle user data

The following privacy policy describes how UkraineTakeShelter receives and processes user data. Our priority is to collect the minimum amount of user data necessary.

We never run paid ads, share data with third parties, or sell user data.


Hosts who register with UkraineTakeShelter are asked to provide their email address as well as listing titles, descriptions, contact information, and other fields. These fields are exclusively used to show listings to potential refugees and help refugees to contact hosts. We never share this information with third parties, but we may send emails for notifications about hosting. Note, however, that listing details will be made available when a refugee’s search matches with a host’s listing.


Refugees need to register and verify their identity with the platform to access contact information on listings. We also ask refugees to provide their desired location and additional filters, which is used for search purposes. Aggregated details about the number of searches, where matches are found, and how many listings have been created are used to help administer the site and prevent suspicious activity.


Users can report listings that they deem inappropriate. To prevent abuse of the reporting system, we compare aggregated data collected about various usage metrics. Users may also voluntarily provide a reason for their report.


We use Stripe Identity for identity verification. Stripe collects identity document images, facial images, ID numbers and addresses as well as advanced fraud signals and information about the devices that connect to its services. Stripe shares this information with us and also uses this information to operate and improve the services it provides, including for fraud detection. You may also choose to allow Stripe to use your data to improve Stripe’s biometric verification technology. You can learn more about Stripe Identity and read their privacy policy.


By using UkraineTakeShelter, you agree to this privacy policy. We aim to collect as little user information as possible. You can contact us for inquiries at: ukrainetakeshelter@gmail.com.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy