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After rehousing 100,000+ people, we have decided to close Ukraine Take Shelter.

This decision was made because established NGOs and agencies such as the United Nations and others across the globe have stepped up and put their resources behind saving lives in Ukraine.

We feel our efforts during the initial invasion were crucial as we could act fast and that this was effective in saving lives. It's now time to leave these efforts to those who have the resources that we do not.

To all our hosts, we thank you greatly for helping those who needed it. You've saved countless lives and showed millions that it's possible to defeat Russia's attempt at genocide.

For information on escaping Ukraine, click here.

Slava Ukraini - Internet Activism

Special Thanks

We would like to thank: Florent Hubert, Kirils Popovs, Margaux Alix, Katy Durner, Evan Guzman, Alexander Garcia, Robbie Paxton, Marty O'Donnell, Frantisek Hrdina, Iryna, Kyle Kashuv, Joanna Krawczyk, Lukas Jarasunas, Markian, Adelina Mihaylova, Miguel Piedrafita, Ella Quijada, Eleanor Othman, Guillaume Santial, Nathaniel Shrenk, Sophie Schaked, Claudia Soria, Mariana Talos, Thierry, Andraz Tori, Sarah Truong, Daniel Villani, Zuzana Zemberova and Ryan Gandolfo.

About Ukraine Take Shelter

What was Ukraine Take Shelter?

UkraineTakeShelter.com was an independent platform helping to connect Ukrainian refugees with potential hosts and housing.

This website was a public bulletin. We encouraged everyone with spare space to post a listing and to mark their listing as filled once they have successfully taken in refugees.

Who developed this website?

UkraineTakeShelter.com was created by Harvard students Avi Schiffmann and Marco Burstein, and further developed with Irish software engineer Daniel Conlon.

You can contact us for inquiries at: https://twitter.com/InternetActvsm.

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